When I asked gifted writer, creative minx & author of 50 Ways To Say You’re Awesome Alexandra Franzen if she could write an inspiring manifesto for my website (and for myself), I didn’t expect her to write something so beautiful & so touching that it would bring tears to my eyes…

Alexandra Franzen is a gifted writer, creative Minx & author of 50 Ways To Say You’re Awesome.

An Ancient Whisper

Written by Alexandra Franzen

Alexandra Franzen

For every problem, there are infinite solutions.

One of them was crafted in the stars,
just for you
& the irreplaceable
soul that you are

No one knows what it is
except YOU

Or rather — the quiet ancient whisper

She knows.
She’s speaking to you
in symbols & signs
longings & emotion
flashes of clarity

She’s trusting you to listen
To act. To believe.

And when you do,
you give that whisper a form
& a function

A vessel for the Goddess within
A channel for the Greatness you ARE.


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