5 Easy Steps to Disempower your inner critic

The inner critic can be a pain in the ass.

She’s always hard on you, pushing you to do better. But her criticism can drive you insane.

She has snappy one liners such as “you really suck at running a business”  or “you’ll never get this right no matter how much you try!” or “a promotion? really? who are you kidding?!” or “you’re never going to change, forget about it!”.

Recognize her?


I have an inner critic too, I call her my Inner-Bitchy-Bitch .

Thankfully, I’ve learned a simple technique to disempower my Inner-Bitchy-Bitch.  Read on Goddess, you’re gonna like this.

5 Easy Steps to Disempower your Inner Critic

1.) When you hear your inner critic dominate your head with mean authoritative thoughts : STOP, PAUSE + PAY ATTENTION.

2.) Notice that most likely  she is speaking to you in the second person “you’re fat… you won’t succeed…” and that you believe her as if she was real.

3.) Who is she?  If you could picture her, what would she look like?  What’s her name?

I have an inner bitch named Alexandra Rich Goldschmith (yeah, I know.)  She’s wearing  a yellow Versace power suit, her hair-skin-make-up-body is perfect and she makes $500,000 a minute.  She’s extremely smart, very pushy and she thinks I’m a total loser.  She likes to nag + criticize me (her favorite past-time even though she’s sooo busy). According to her, I should be working 23 hours a day, at least until I’m a billionaire.

4.) What does your inner critic sound like? Alexandra Rich Goldschmith has a powerful voice, speaks really fast and with absolute authority. She’s the shit.

5.) Now, CHANGE HER VOICE.  This is where you disempower & have fun with your inner critic. I give Alexandra a Miss Piggy voice: it cracks me up every time and suddenly Alexandra is not so powerful anymore. She’s silly, eager to please, lovable and really just wants to help me!  You could give your inner critic a sexy, sensuous voice or a funny cartoon voice.

See how that works?   Bottom line is that this exercise helps not only disempower your inner critic but allows you to bring a little lightness & playfulness into all of this.

Have fun with your inner bitch 😉

Miss Piggy

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