TCFS #24 From Idea To Execution When You’re Lacking The Instructional Manual

If you’ve been listening to the show for a while you know that I’m passionate about bringing the inside-out understanding of The Three Principles to business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives, leaders and coaches world wide.

As I continue my personal exploration of these Principles -and share with you my insights in my weekly Saying Yes To Life Episodes- my goal is to keep this exploration fun, insightful and practical by showing you how these Principles work in everyday business building.

On today’s episode of The Caroline Frenette Show we explore: 

—> What to do when you have a big idea or vision but don’t know that next steps are

—> How to surf the sea of possibilities and develop the ability to catch the “right” wave of what’s next in your business

—> How to “ground” yourself when excitement turns into urgency and stress

—> How getting the right support (like masterminds or coaching) is a necessity as entrepreneurs 

I also take you behind the scenes of my own mastermind and share my new favourite pastime to “waste” time 🙂

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