TCFS #22 Biz (And Wine) Talk with Michael Neill + Growing into The Mature Entrepreneur + Creating A Business  In A Way That Feels Just Right

It’s an absolute pleasure to share with you this conversation with my teacher & mentor Michael Neill where we talk about wine (organic please!), favorite countries to travel to and of course, how to build a business from the inside out.

Key points from our conversation:

→ How Michael went from a cashflow crunch to an extra 160,000$ in the bank 3 days after an insight about his business

→ How the 3 Principles impacted how Michael creates in his everyday life & biz

→ How to build a business that honours your values and priorities

→ My big insight that enabled me to gain clarity, a new sense of direction and a new vision for myself and my business for 2017


→ Can you call upon your wisdom on demand or do you have to wait for some “magical” timing?

Caroline, xo

Selected Links From This Episode

Michael’s TEDx Talk Why Aren’t We Awesomer?

5 day (free) mini challenge for coaches Broke To Booked

A thank you gift for podcast listeners

Launching Soon: Conscious Business Building Mini Course

You’ll learn how to…

Create Soulfully
Sell mindfully
Market authentically
Connect heart-fully

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