[LIMITED TIME OFFER] Grab My 12 Week Online Program From Broke To Blissfully Booked™ At 50% Off


This Fall brings a BIG rebrand for my business as well as new digital courses, a new free video training series, fresh new podcast episodes, a high-end mastermind and the relaunch of my signature program, Launch & Prosper.

It’s kind of exciting —  and, at the same time, this whole rebrand-business-growth-thing forced me to look at what I want to keep, toss or change.

One of the things I’m going to revamp in the future is my 12-week online program From Broke To Blissfully Booked™. That means that the current version will be temporarily taken off the market so we can give it a nice li’l makeover.

So, to give this baby a farewell —  buh-bye! —  party, I decided to throw an impromptu 50% off sale, which means that you can grab it (for a limited time) for $497 instead of $997USD.

From Broke To Blissfully Booked™ is a fully digital experience, a learn-at-your-own-pace course packed with high-quality lessons geared to help you connect to your intuition (your inner CEO™) as you create new clients and bring a fresh stream of beautiful money in your business.

More specifically, this 12-week online course includes: 

✓ 12 intro videos (one for each module)

✓ 17 powerful guided visualizations where you’ll gain intuitive insights to help you create money + move forward in your project and/or business (Each guided visualization lasts between 5 and 20 minutes depending on the exploration or topic, and you can download them to your phone so you can listen on the go.)

✓ 26 audio lessons on topics such as The 3 Pillars of Business Success & Growth, clarifying your niche, figuring out who your ideal clients are (and where to find them), how to market yourself in a way that feels good, creating irresistible offers, and much much more (The audio lessons vary between 5 and 15 minutes and can also be downloaded so you can listen anytime.)

✓ 5 free-writing meditations to help you tune in to your inner wisdom to find the solutions that will move your beautiful business forward

✓ 5 bonus tracks from The Infinite Possibilities Adventure Masterminddesigned to  help you feel abundant + clear on your next steps

✓ 5 pre-recorded coaching sessions (video + mp3) to help you see how my clients have applied the lessons in their own businesses (Each session lasts between 20 and 60 minutes and integrates the lessons of the week.)

✓ Weekly at-your-own-pace homework to keep you accountable and moving forward

✓ 12 Money Game Explorations where you tap into your intuition to make money in a way that feels authentic and fun!

✓ All mp3s are downloadable so you can listen on the go

(To say that I over delivered when I created this program is an understatement. But that’s how I roll.)

This fully digital program is a self-study course, so you get to go at your own pace. Dive into all the lessons in one week? Go for it! (But please DO IMPLEMENT what you learn!)

Want to take 3 months to go through the lessons? Take your time, but don’t lose momentum!

Last few things you need to know…

The program does not include group calls, one on one sessions or a Facebook group BUT it’s packed with valuable content and a thought-out learning journey to make sure you get the most out of the course.

Again, for a limited time the price is $497 (regular $997).

If you’re intrigued and would love to know more about Broke To Blissfully Booked™, click here.

Ready to buy now? Click here!

Questions? Email us.

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