Welcome to The Caroline Frenette Show Episode #10: Ged Welch Channelling The Inner Adventurer in Business & Life

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On today’s show…

Ready to shake things up in your biz? How about a lil’ adventure to spice things up in your life?

Today my guest is Ged Welch, a fellow Supercoach and like minded Soul who follows the lead of his inner Adventurer.

Listen to this episode for a good dose of inspiration on:

→ Ged’s adventure in Kenya with a group of Scottish leaders and what they learned from the young Kenyans about leadership

→ How to channel your inner adventurer to have way more fun in your business

→ Ged is also going to share the #1 key to creating a successful business (HINT: it’s NOT your website, NOT your business cards, NOT your branding…!) 


→ A simple question that will enable you to go from striving to THRIVING

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Enjoy today’s episode,

Caroline, xo

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